What is a Chamber?

306192_299881840080875_190144281_nThe St. Matthews Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization of the business community. The Chamber is not a civic club, charitable organization, or department of city government. The Chamber is a private, not-for-profit corporation. It unites hundreds of business and professional firms to create a unique central agency working to improve business and build a better community. Over 90 percent of the membership is composed of small businesses.

But most the most important definition is that the Chamber is people, people like you that realize that through the Chamber they can accomplish as a group what no one of them can accomplish individually. The strength of the Chamber lies in attracting the greatest number of members, creating a pool of resources from which can be drawn ideas, passion, and creativity.

The Chamber is also a place were business professionals and the community work together to make St. Matthews and the surrounding area a better place to live, it is a voice for the business and professional community on critical issues, and it is where increased prosperity is encouraged by the growth of existing business and fostering new ones.

The St. Matthews Area Chamber of Commerce is an independent organization governed exclusively by its local fifteen member Board of Directors and not a construct of a national or state organization.

Our Chamber is a member of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Executives and the American Chamber of Commerce Executives