Governor Beshear created “Healthy at Work.” This is a phased approach to reopen Kentucky’s economy. Healthy at Work is based on criteria set by public health experts and advice from industry experts. Phase 1 is a state-readiness evaluation. Phase 2 is business-readiness evaluation. This phased approach will ensure the Commonwealth’s citizens can safely return to work while still protecting the most vulnerable Kentuckians.

Information for businesses from the Healthy at Work website can be found on the links below. 

Healthy at Work Overview | Industry Groups and Trade Association Submissions | Individual Business Submission FAQ | Contact

In addition to releasing the Healthy at Work criteria, the Governor’s office also released the following benchmarks to begin opening the state back up.

 Benchmarks for Reopening Economy COVID-19 in Kentucky 

  • 14 days of decreasing cases
  • Increased testing capacity and contact tracing
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) availability
  • Ability to protect at-risk populations
  • Ability to social distance and follow the CDC’s guidelines on large gatherings
  • Preparedness for possible future spike
  • Status of vaccine and treatment

After the Governor determines all benchmarks have been met, Kentucky will begin Phase 2 of Healthy at Work. In Phase 2, the Governor will evaluate economic sectors and individual businesses’ ability to safely reopen and gradually begin authorizing certain business sectors to reopen while still maintaining appropriate health and safety measures.

While every business will have a very different plan, there are some key guidelines that the state requires to reopen per their Healthy at Home website. These key guidelines are:

  • Phased Employee Return
  • Safety Officer Designation
  • Required Telework Where Feasible
  • Limit Face-to-Face Meetings
  • Close Common Areas (i.e. – cafeterias, break rooms, etc.)
  • Supply Employees with List of Available Leave Options (i.e. – sick, on-call, emergency sick leave, paid time off, etc.)
  • Minimize Non-Essential Travel (adhere to CDC guidelines regarding isolation following travel)
  • Supply PPE to Employees (masks, gloves, face protection (no N-95))
  • Mandate Employees and Customers Wear Masks (cloth is allowed)
  • Conduct Employee Health Checks
  • Temperature Test Each Employee Each Day
  • Screen Employees for Exposure to Positive COVID-19 Persons
  • Sanitize the Environment in the Workplace in Accordance with CDC Guidance
  • Make Special Accommodations for Personnel Who are Vulnerable Populations (elderly, immunocompromised, or chronic disease)
  • Report Positive Tests to Kentucky Department of Public Health or Local Health Department

As the state begins to roll out requirements for each industry to open we will add them here.

Minimum Requirements for All Businesses 

Manufacturing | Construction | Dealerships |  Tanning Salons

Office-Based Business | Horse Racing | Photography | Tattoo Parlors

Pet Grooming and Boarding | Places of Worship | Government Agencies & Agencies

Funeral and Memorial Service | Retail | Bars and Restaurants

Barbershops/Cosmetology/Hair Salons | Massage Therapy | Nail Salons

Childcare (In-Home) | Childcare (Center-Based/Day Camps)

Auto/Dirt Track Racing | Aquatic Centers | Bowling Alleys | Fitness Centers

Movie Theaters | Youth Sports (Low Touch)
Youth Sports (Expanded Activities)

Educational and Cultural Activities| Horse Shows | Public Swimming and Bathing Facilities

Venues and Event Spaces | Groups of 50 People or Fewer | Auction Houses

In an effort to help businesses reopen we have compiled the following information. This information should allow businesses to build their own Healthy at Work plan to be submitted to the state for reopening.


Guidance to Reference for Reopening Your Business 

These articles have information and recommended guidance that could assist an employer start to build their own.

Designing a Post COVID-19 Office Reference Material

To help insure that businesses are using proper social distancing and following CDC guidelines we’ve collected the below reference materials on how offices could look.

Pandemic Preparedness Resource Material

While many businesses may already have pandemic preparedness plans as part of their Emergency and Crisis Plans, many of those were developed to prepare for, or respond to, an influence (flu) pandemic. COVID-19 spreads much like the flu, but reviewing the below information and guidance could help to either create or update pandemic preparedness plans for your business.

Human Resources and Current Legislation Information
General Hygiene Information
Information on Sanitizing and Disinfecting Your Workplace
Travel and Hospitality Industry
Shipping, Freight, and Logistics
Food Service Industry
Where You Can Acquire PPE for Your Business   
  • 502 Hemp Wellness Center is selling hand sanitizer for business and individual use. Contact Dee Dee Taylor at 502-654-7100.
  • The Kentucky Chamber has set up an online portal in connection with the state where businesses of all sizes can purchase masks.
  • My Healthy US is selling non-medical masks, gloves, shields, and COVID-19 quick tests. Contact Dale Clemons at 813-516-9225 or
  • Kentucky Chamber and Kentucky Distillers have produced hand sanitizer for businesses of all sizes to purchase online. 
  • Signarama Louisville East is making acrylic shields and sanitation stands for businesses you can contact them at 502-454-4321. 
  • Terminix Commercial is offering their Disinfectix Service which includes cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing to set this up for your company contact Dennis Lejong at 502-803-5573 or
  • Neill-Vielle Supply Co. is producing hand sanitizer and masks. Contact Michelle Ray at (502) 379-8629 or
Important Posters, Documents, etc. for employees and the workplace.