What is SYNERGY?


 The ability of a group to outperform even its best individual member.  That is the concept behind our SYNERGY trade groups; instead of networking for ourselves individually, the team networks on each of its member’s behalf.  The purpose of SYNERGY is to build trusted, lasting business relationships, grow professionally, and establish a referral network.

Groups meet; take time to let each member explain who they are, their business and the products their business offers. During meetings you get a chance to know each other much better and build permanent relationships with each other that will lead to strong referrals.The SMACC Synergy Trade Groups are up and running, these groups are full of Chamber members that are getting to know wall about one another and how they can refer business.

Currently we have two active groups, but we encourage any member who is passionate about this program or programs like it to think of new groups and get involved today. Our  groups right now are Real Estate  and Senior Services.

If you are not signed up for a group, or are interested in getting one started please call the Chamber at 502-899-2523 or email