I’ve always heard people say that time speeds up as you get older. Adults spend less time learning and acquiring new skills, instead they rest in habitual actions doing the same thing daily. It becomes easy to do the same things daily especially when you’re managing family, personal life, and career. This causes a mindless state of mind and we lose conscious awareness. It is similar to sitting at your desk at 9:00AM and next thing you know, you look up and it is 1:00PM. The feeling of not having enough time is always prominent.

Routine tasks that we don’t necessarily enjoy, but have to get done don’t require our full attention is a big part of conscious awareness. If the task is daunting or boring time can seem to drag. But the experience results in the same – the feeling of not having enough time. You’re time that you spent on the task you didn’t enjoy feels more like time wasted, time you could have spent doing other things.

In order to regain the control of how your time is spent so it doesn’t seem to pass you by is to fully commit and focus on the moment/task at hand. By doing this you’ll uncover new experiences that you didn’t necessarily stumble on before. Becoming fully engaged, using your time well means you don’t feel like you’ve lost time. A perfect example is waking up early on a Saturday and taking care of running your errands so that you can enjoy the day. Instead of sleeping in till 10:00AM and finally making it out and about around noon.

This doesn’t mean to complete avoid all responsibilities. You don’t have to take extreme measures in order to achieve the control you’re looking for, I’m not insisting you run off and join the circus. However, you can be more proactive in order to make your time more efficient. An easy fix is to rid all the things that distract you. One simple one is your mobile devices. The average amount of time spent on a phone is 23 days a year – which is a lot of time spent on finding out Felicia got a new pair of shoes.

If you decide that your life has been a lot of moments that were just passive pieces of time, then your life will continue to just be a string of events and time has just passed. If you slow down and yield to the things actually going on around you and make the most of it you can really create some moments that will make you look back and smile.