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Celebrating 60 Zip Codes in 60 Years the Chamber of St. Matthews – Celebrate With Us!

On Tuesday, August 9th 1955 a group of 81 local business owners came together at the then famous Canary Cottage on Lexington Road. The restaurant had been a famous place for meetings such as this, where business men would huddle around the counter or pick a table and talk about the comings and goings of the St. Matthews area at the time. Then a five year old city, with many issues including sewage and parking problems, St. Matthews was just beginning to take shape. And those 81 businessmen would go on to help shape it’s future. That day, they unanimously passed a motion to start the then St. Matthews Business Association, an association that would change its name over the next 60 years but would never change it’s passion.

Making it’s mission “to develop and promote the growth and welfare of all business in the St. Matthews area through a better serving of the consuming public, and to actively participate in all things that may ensure the accomplishment of that purpose” the Association kept it’s community in it’s heart. With strong leadership, active members, and effective business programming and events, by 2008 the St. Matthews Area Business Association became the largest business association in the Louisville (KY) metropolitan area. In 2012 the Chamber of St. Matthews was born, the heart of the Association carrying with it and with many of it’s Charter Member Businesses still a part of if today the Chamber continues to grow and thrive.

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