Networking at Noon

Networking at Noon is a sponsored lunch meeting from our members in the catering and service industry and can be hosted by another member. This event moves around town, utilizing member businesses space. This event allows you to meet and hear about members’ backgrounds and businesses. The first thirty minutes is designed for open networking followed by round table introduction of each member. This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a friendly and intimate setting and walk away with knowledge of an hour well spent. Each member has up to two minutes to describe his/her business, exchange cards, share referrals and make that Chamber connection.

Program Rules:

  • Participates must be Members – in good standing with the Chamber of St. Matthews.
  • Commitment Fee: $20 – the commitment fee will be reimbursed, same day, upon check-in.  Commitment fee will be forfeited for all no shows. Participants are required to pay a new “commitment fee” for each monthly Networking at Noon registration.
  • Lunch is on your own – all attendees are responsible for ordering and purchasing their own lunch at the event from the event host if they choose to have lunch.
  • Reservations Required – and will not accepted until two weeks prior to the event.
  • One (1) Member per Industry – Secured on a “first come, first served” basis and all conflicts to be resolved by staff, to the best of their ability, prior to the event date.
  • Individual participants cannot register in back to back months – Unless the prior month is missed and proper notification was received 24 hours prior to the event date by Chamber staff
  • 24 Hour Notification – must be given if participant is expected to be absent – allows for industry seat to be filled and you to register for the next event date. Extenuating and/or extreme circumstances will be reviewed, upon request, on an individual basis.
  • Failure to attend two events within a six month period without proper cancelation notification – individual will not be allowed to participate for the follow six months. Company is still eligible for participation
  • Registration will open two weeks prior to the event only.
  • Limited to 25

RSVP is required. RSVP online or contact the Chamber staff at 899-2523.

2018 Dates and Locations

January 11th at Mellow Mushroom St. Matthews
February 8th at Mellow Mushroom St. Matthews
March 8th at Famous Dave’s BBQ
April 12th at Famous Dave’s BBQ
May 10th at Sullivan’s Tap House
June 14th at Sullivan’s Tap House
July 12th at TBA
August 9th at TBA
September 13th at TBA
October 11th at TBA
November 8th at TBA
December 13th at TBA