If you are a parent, you may choose to punish your child by taking away a luxury of theirs to keep them motivate in school. If you are an employer, you may be tempted to reward an employee with a raise if you begin to notice their progress decreasing. Neither of these methods are necessarily good for motivating.

Instead, parents should connect their child with a tutor to help them improve upon their motivation. Similarly, if you are an employer, you can call upon tutors’ tactics to motivate your team of employees. Here are some ways on how to do this:

1. Identify Why Your Employees Are Unmotivated

  •  It is easy to blame the lack of motivation on boredom or laziness, but there may be more to it. There could be a loss of purpose. Make sure your team members remember the company’s mission. Don’t let them lose sight of the big picture and what you are all working together to achieve for the company.
  • Make sure your team isn’t feeling a loss of ownership. They need to feel like they have some control over their duties and goals. This could be the freedom to alter their schedules or make improvements around the office.
  • Connect with your team past the basic duties of work. Everyone has personal issues outside the workplace. These issues could begin to affect work habits and it may benefit you to develop a rapport with your employees so that they feel comfortable enough to share their issues with you.2. Set Goals For Your Team
  •  This simple tip can help increase motivation by sharing ownership and commitment with your team. A timeline sets concrete goals and creates a level of productivity that must be maintained in order for the goals to be met.
  • Help everyone visualize their progress. This may be as simple as printing off charts or illustrating progress on a whiteboard. This helps fuel your team towards their goals.
  • 3.   Give Honest Feedback
  •  Feedback not only rewards everyone with how well they are improving over a set time, but also encourages them to keep improving.
  • Recognize their milestones. This will help build confidence in your team for a job well done and show them that you care about their success.
  • Reward your team members’ accomplishments. Recognize the behaviors that you want them to continue.

Never assume that if your team’s motivation is starting to dwindle, that  it means they are careless and lazy. Take the time to identify the cause and use these tips to help improve performance. When the whole team is motivated towards an overarching goal, you will all improve and succeed.